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Our array of barn cats, strays, and otherwise ....


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Here's Sabrina in late October 2008.  She followed me around the other day, down at the barn, and refused to go away as I got in the truck.  Worried she'd be run over on the main highway, I put her on my lap and drove her to the house.  Now she acts as if she has been here forever ... usually sitting here at the computer and trying to help me type.  Quite a problem. ... People seem to drop off cats down there ... we haven't any control of it. Nor can we afford to neuter/spay every single cat dropped off ,or who wanders in ... perplexing problem, it is !

OK .. here the two miscreants are after a week being together. Samantha on the left and the rogue Barn-Cat, Sabrina, on the right. Mid November 2008

As of mid-October, four of these are available for adoption. The Gray one, leaning against the white tub, is no longer here.

October '09 bunch.  Zakat found and alerted to the black one.  She was lost and starving in the forest. Our resident Mommie-Kat found several others who were abandoned an brought them to this location. Her own son looks like here, exactly, and is snuggling there also.

Samantha, a leftover from my departed mom,  takes a nest atop a Digital-Management-Unit on a 29 degree morning when she was certain I was not around ... otherwise she gets tossed a few yards for being near this stuff.  What's a guy to do anyway? Tossing is always an option with pesky cats.  I've recently been studying the ancient Roman Catapults ... hmmmm. ...

Mary feeds an abandoned 10 day old kitten I found yesterday down in the horse area ... The temperatures have been a Low of 29 degrees (F). So, this one comes to the house for immediate attention. We had a little trouble with Atia trying to remove the kitten.

filler picture of Badger a long time ago until we get more cat pix ...

Well, Jun of 2010 and I have no clue why this kitten was left, early morning on the doorstep of the grain-room. Nonetheless, I am now responsible for bringing her up.

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